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WordPress Website Basic Maintenance Service

$119.99 / year

WordPress Website Basic Maintenance Service for the lowest price, keeps your website up to date, backed up & error-free.

~ WordPress Website Basic Maintenance Service ~

If you have a WordPress website, you need to do maintenance regularly to keep your website backed up and updated to latest versions of your themes & plugins. If you are a busy entrepreneur and lacks the know-how and time to do so, we are here to help you out with this service.

This Gig is to provide basic maintenance service for a WordPress website.

What We Will Do For You?

  • Update Themes – We will update themes of your WordPress website to the latest version.
  • Update Plugins – We will update plugins of your WordPress website to the latest version.
  • Automatic & Manual Backups – We will setup automatic scheduled backups to your cloud storage and check backup logs regularly. We will do manual backups if required.
  • Restore Backups – We will restore your website, if it ever needed to restore from a backup.
  • Cache Settings – We will setup cache settings of your website and purge cache time to time if required
  • Any other simple task acceptable to us (please specify) – We will do any other simple task to be accepted or rejected after a consideration.

What We Need?

  • Administrator Access – We need to be an administrator of your website to do the maintenance for you.
  • Access to the Backup Storage – We need the required access to your cloud storage where all the backups are stored, in order to upload & download backup files.
  • Any other access to do the required maintenance tasks.

What’s NOT Included?

  • Add New Content – Adding new pages, blocks or content to the website is not included in this service.
  • Amendments / Changes – Changing any part of the website & contents is not included in this service.
  • Publish or Edit Blog Posts – Creating new blog posts or editing published blog posts is not included in this service.

What’s The Process?

  1. Place and complete the order.
  2. If the website is designed by us and we already have administrator access, we will start managing your website immediately.
  3. Else, we will contact you to get the administrator access to your website. You need to add us as a new user with administrator access.
  4. We will manage your website with services mentioned above.

You need to renew subscription to this service yearly.

If you require more services or have questions, please feel free to contact us anytime.


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